Environmental Monitoring

Confined Space Gas & Environmental Monitoring to the Mining and Tunnel Construction Industries

PBE has a long history supplying confined space gas monitoring equipment to the mining and tunnel construction industries.

PBE gas detection systems provide monitoring and concentration information for all common gasses on tunnel construction sites and in mines globally. The system is monitored using PBE’s own control and monitoring software, ‘Vantage’ allowing instantaneous alerts and providing a complete historical database.
The system can be incorporated into our Responsible Ventilation solution, that combined with air velocity, tracking, temperature; fans can be controlled to reduce cost and increase the efficiency of your ventilation system.

PBE can also provide monitoring for air velocity, vibration, status of pumps and seals, as well as other monitoring requirements, all combined on a single software platform. Vantage integrates 3rd party sensors with common communication protocols such as 4-20mA, ModBus, and others.

  • Designed to be used harsh working environment
  • Supports      Responsible Ventilation
  • Provide additional environmental monitoring for Fans, Pumps, Conveyors etc
  • Atmospheric monitoring increases safety by providing alerts and alarms in real time throughout the mine/tunnel system with      Vantage control and monitoring software
  • Multiplatform communications infrastructure available. Leaky Feeder, Wired, Fiber
  • 4800Baud
  • Gas monitoring
  • Historical playback, reporting, and data logging
  • Centralized display for monitoring, alerts, and warnings

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