PAS-Command is an intelligent, low profile, compact control centre that is compatible with the PAS-Tablet or a Remote Screen and forms part of PBE’s Proximity Alert System (PAS) Solution.

PBE’s tag-based Proximity Alert Systems (PAS) has been designed to enhance workplace safety by reducing risk of collision through asset and personnel detection and warning. The system alerts drivers of the presence of personnel, vehicles, obstacles, and user defined geofences.

The configurable PAS System helps manage vehicle interactions by providing reliable information on direction and distance by utilizing multiple technologies including RFID, GPS, Electromagnetics and Bi-directional Radar. PAS solutions have extensive reporting capabilities to allow identification of safety issues and processes.

The Model PAS-COMMAND System Controller is a low-profile unit that facilitates easy connection to external sensors, sounder/strobes and other peripherals. All input and output connections are on the sides and bottom of the enclosure and can be installed in a concealed area (under a seat, behind a panel, etc.) during the equipment installation. This significantly reduces clutter in the vehicle cab. Units are powered via the ignition circuit of the vehicle/machine and the vehicle/ machine’s battery. The PAS Command is connected to the Model PAS-Tablet or a 3rd Party Remote Screen, via Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

  • Suitable for above or below-ground operation, with seamless changeover between environments
  • Multiple technologies for redundancy and accuracy
  • Caters for up to 4 external sensors, either PAS-450 or PAS-400’s depending on application
  • Detects 4 separate Asset Categories (Personnel, Light Vehicle, Heavy Vehicle and Obstacle/Geofence)
  • 4 configurable zones for each Asset Category (Urgent, Close, Mid & Far)
  • Compatible with PBE’s tracking system and entry/exit system functionality for a fully integrated solution
  • Built-in Wifi module (802.11 b/g/n )
  • Ethernet connectivity for interfacing with PBE’s remote PAS application and/or integration into sitewide networks
  • Low-profile and rugged design for versatile installation
  • Compatible with PAS-Tablet or a Remote Screen which has added User functionality
  • Level 9 compliant


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