Tagging & Tracking

Electronic Tagging System for the Tracking of Personnel & Assets in Harsh Conditions

Mining Environment

PBE electronic tagging systems provide a multiple technology, flexible infrastructure platform for personnel and asset tag tracking, current location capabilities with personnel panic or alert response. Increases situational awareness, minimizing accident response times whilst promoting an overall safer workplace.

PBE's tag based tracking systems utilize a 32bit RFID, and radar in the personnel and asset tracking tags. Infrastructure for detection of the tags can be utilized on multiple types of platforms, fiber optic, leaky feeder, copper and wireless systems. The devices provide a 924mHZ active tracking solution to provide instant whereabout of each person or asset location with impressive accuracy, achieved due to multiple technologies deployed. The system also provides a recorded history and/or historical playback option from the base station computer to view or replay incidents.

  • Suitable for confined space areas where typical GPS type tracking systems will not work
  • Provides current location of assets and personnel
  • Provides historical data of personnel and assets
  • Personnel Tag is conveniently sized as to not interfere with everyday working requirements
  • Tag has the ability to alert master station of a panic or advisory situation
  • RFID
  • Radio
  • 924MHZ frequency of operation
  • Used for multiple communication platforms – Tracking personnel, asset control, PAS collision avoidance and entry/exit systems
  • Local panic and advisory conditions alerting
  • Compact tracking tag as to not interfere with normal working conditions
  • Rechargeable and potted version of tracking tags available
  • Certified for global deployments
  • Tracking can be incorporated into the BDA leaky feeder amplifiers


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