Responsible Ventilation

Ventilation Control Solution to create, manage and schedule ventilation zones for site safety and energy savings

PBE’s Responsible Ventilation (RV) software is designed to ensure maximum jobsite safety by allowing ventilation zones to control fans under certain conditions in mine and tunnel ventilation systems. These conditions can be triggered by environmental events such as unsafe gas levels, vehicles or personnel entering the area etc.
Ventilation on Demand (VOD) technology allows for maximum ventilation efficiency for safety and power consumption. Cost savings reports can be generated to demonstrate how much money can be saved from fans in RV zones not running constantly. Energy costs for underground operations are becoming prohibitive as we push the limits and go deeper underground. The mass energy usage is consumed by ventilation and PBE's RV has a solution.

  • Significant cost saving on power usage
  • Significantly reduce energy usage by directing ventilation where you need it when you need it
  • Provides reports to show running costs and fan usage
  • User friendly software with easy to read controls
  • Allows for scheduling of fan events and on times
  • Manually override
  • Self-contained for simplistic and quick installation
  • Lower cost alternative to a full VOD (Ventilation on Demand) system
  • System works with radiating coax system, fiber and WiFi backbones

Multiple detection technologies:

  • Environmental monitoring
  • Asset tracking
  • Multiple technologies for redundancy and accuracy
  • Recognizes multiple environmental such as gas monitoring
  • Can trigger a fan to turn on when a person or vehicle enters a certain area
  • Allows for scheduling of fan events and on times
  • Can be manually overridden to turn fans on
  • Can be used with existing PLC and SCADA networks
  • Easily managed ventilation zones to turn fans off when ventilation is not needed
  • User friendly software with simplistic GUI interface


For more information about PBE Responsible Ventilation Solutions

Responsible Ventilation Specification Sheet