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PBE solves obstacle and personnel detection challenges and provides a reliable proximity alert...

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PBE solves difficult communication challenges and provides reliable cellular coverage within the...

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Narrabri Mine Stage – New South Wales, Australia
  • Country Australia
  • Client Whitehaven Coal
  • Client contractor Direct Service Provider
  • Main consultant Direct Service Provider
  • Year of completion 2017
  • Sector Coal Mining Electrical Permanent Infrastructure
Project Description

This project included the design, construction and commissioning of the following;
- 66/11kV 20MVA Substation
- 11kV/433V Substations around the site
- 11kV Switchrooms
- 11kV Cabling
- Boxcut Earthing Compound
- Communications Cabling

Scope of Work

The switchrooms were designed and manufactured at our Tomago Facility, transported to site and craned into position with the benefits of this concept including minimal site works most testing taking place off site. PBE were responsible for the design, electrical/structural engineering, PLC/SCADA design, project management, reticulation systems, communications cabling, earthing system design & testing, switchroom manufacture, substation construction and commissioning.

Hinkley Point C Marine Tunnels – Somerset, UK
  • Country United Kingdom
  • Client EDF Energy
  • Client contractor Balfour Beatty
  • Year of completion On going
  • Sector Tunnelling - Utilities
Project Description

Balfour Beatty has been appointed by EDF Energy as preferred bidder for the UK’s Hinkley Point C nuclear power station tunnelling and marine works package. The four year package will include the construction of three marine tunnels totalling over 9.5km in length and 7m in diameter to form part of the vital cooling system required for the UK’s landmark nuclear power station. On completion, Hinkley Point C will be the first of a new generation of nuclear power stations and the first to be built in the UK for more than 20 years.

PBE Rutherford were subsequently chosen by Balfour Beatty to provide the temporary electrical system for the surface and underground works associated with these tunnels. A range of containerised switchrooms, substations and compact tunnel substations drawn from our extensive fleet of equipment are currently being supplied to the project on a 32-month hire contract.

PBE Rutherford were chosen by Balfour Beatty to provide the temporary electrical system for the surface and underground works associated with these tunnels.
Improving safety on opencast mine for Rio Tinto – Madagascar
  • Country Madagascar
  • Client Rio Tinto
  • Client contractor Expert Mining SA
  • Year of completion 2018
  • Sector Above Ground Mining
Project Description

Rio Tinto wanted to improve production and productivity by preventing accidents, our client was determined to improve their safety protocols. This included knowing when personnel were operating heavy machinery, the interaction between vehicles, and the real-time location of personnel & other assets.

In order to enhance safety and productivity, PBE deployed its Proximity Alert System (PAS). PAS-ZR units were installed on all vehicles allowing operators to identify any potential threat surrounding them and responsibly acting on it. PAS units on vehicles were connected to 3G modems, which transferred GPS data immediately to PBE Vantage, a complete operational support software.

From this unique software, managers can remotely monitor vehicle and personnel productivity, safety, and real-time locations. PBE Vantage also allowed managers to automatically receive an alert when an incident occurred and create reports to study productivity and safety.

New Sydney Metro cables and couplers – Australia
  • Country Australia
  • Client Sydney Metro
Project Description

Sydney Metro is a future automated rapid transit system in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Sydney will be the first Australian city to build a metro system. The network will be controlled by Sydney Metro which was established in July 2018 and is an operating agency owned by the NSW Government. The first line is planned to consist of 31 stations and 66 km of track. The first stage, called Sydney Metro Northwest, is under construction and testing and is expected to open in the first half of 2019.
Temporary power is required for each of the 5 TBM's as part of the Sydney Metro Tunnels projects. The TBMs will be used to excavate 15.5 kilometres of new twin rail tunnels. To meet the requirement, PBE Rutherford was to provide a total of 200 11kV 800 amp couplers and 30 kilometres of HT cable. This involves coupler fitting, inspection / testing, reeling onto cable drums for transport to the Sydney sites, documentation and test certificates.

o meet the requirement, PBE Rutherford was to provide a total of 200 11kV 800 amp couplers and 30 kilometres of HT cable.
Peace River Tunnel Voice Communication – Canada
  • Country Canada
  • Client Peace River Hydro Partners
Project Description

Acciona Infrastructure Canada inc. and Samsung C&T Canada Ltd have partnered to form Peace River Hydro Partners (PRHP). PRHP hold the main civil works for the Site C Clean Energy Project, the third dam and hydroelectric generating station on the Peace River in northeast British Columbia. Site C will provide 1,100 megawatts of capacity and produce about 5,100 gigawatt hours of electricity each year.
Site C has an Earthfill dam approximately 1,050 m in length and 60 m high above the riverbed, an 800 m dam buttress for seismic protection, and two diversion tunnels with 10.8 m internal diameter and between 700 to 800 m in length.

PBE implemented a Gen4 voice communication system in both tunnels, consisting of a head-end and radiating cable network. The head-end houses eight digital repeaters providing four voice channels on the surface that are linked to four voice channels for underground operations. Up to four-hour battery backup was provided for underground equipment.

It's expected for Site C to provide reliable and clean electricity in British Columbia for more than 100 years.

PBE implemented a Gen4 voice communication system in both tunnels, consisting of a head-end and radiating cable network.
Thames Tideway Tunnel – London, UK
  • Country London UK
  • Client Thames Tideway
  • Main consultant Ferrovial / Laing O’Rourke JV
  • Year of completion Ongoing
  • Sector Tunnelling - Utilities
Project Description

London's network of sewers was built in 1858 foreseeing a population of 4 million, but with a population of 9 million today, although in perfect condition, lacks the capacity to meet the demands of modern-day London. As a result, millions of tons of untreated sewage overflows the system and spills into the Thames each year, affecting the ecosystem of the river and London itself.
As a result, Tideway is upgrading London's sewer system to cope with its growing population. By intercepting, storing and transferring the sewage before it enters the river, the 25 km tunnel will help prevent the tidal River Thames from being polluted.

The project has been divided into three sections: East; Central; and West. All tunnels will be created using Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM). PBE Rutherford was awarded the contract for the Central's temporary electrical works with Ferrovial / Laing O’Rourke JV. They have limited equipment available that would be suitable for these works, which is the largest section on the project with 12.7km of tunnels. Our previous work with them on the Northern Line Extension project has created a positive working relationship.

The scope of work includes containerized substations & switchrooms, isolation transformers, compact tunnel substations, testing & commissioning, and ongoing maintenance.

PBE Rutherford was awarded the contract for the Thames Tideway's temporary electrical works
Elizabeth River Tunnel Project – Portsmouth VA
  • Country United States
  • Client Virginia Department of Transportation
  • Client contractor Skanska Infrastructure, Kiewit Construction and Weeks Marine (SKW Construction)
  • Main consultant Parson Brinckerhof & Volker and Associates
  • Year of completion 2015
  • Sector Transportation - Highways
Project Description

Elizabeth River Tunnels Project (ERTP) includes construction of a new tunnel in place of the Midtown tunnel and restoration of existing Downtown tunnels in Virginia, USA. The tunnels connect Norfolk and Portsmouth cities in the Hampton roads region.

Scope of Work

PBE was awarded the contract to provide a Leaky Feeder Communication System

Doha Red Line
  • Country Qatar
  • Client Qatar Rail
  • Client contractor Salini Impregilo (MTA: SAL)
  • Main consultant Jacobs Engineering Group (NYSE: JEC
  • Year of completion 2014
  • Sector Transportation - Rail
Project Description

The Red Line North Underground extends in a northerly direction from the station Mushaireb for approximate length of 13km through seven new underground stations.

Scope of Work

PBE was responsible for the design, supply testing and commissioning of the contemporary leaky feeder and distributed antenna communication system

East Side Access Tunnel – New York Copy
  • Country United States
  • Client Metropolitan Transport Authority
  • Client contractor Frontier Kemper
  • Main consultant Gall Ziegler Consultants
  • Year of completion 2015
  • Sector Transportation - Rail
Project Description

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority's (MTA) East Side Access project is the biggest transportation infrastructure project being implemented in North America. Construction works for the $10.17bn project began in 2002 and are scheduled for completion in December 2022. East Side Access project involves the expansion of the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR), the busiest commuter railroad in the US. It will provide an alternative new stop for all the 11 LIRR branches at a new terminal and concourse being built beneath Grand Central Terminal (GCT) and include 11 miles (17.7km) of tunnelling works at Queens Borough and Manhattan.

Scope of Work

PBE was awarded the contract to provide a Leaky Feeder Communication System

Heathrow Main and Cargo Tunnel refurbishment Copy
  • Country United Kingdom
  • Client Heathrow Airport Authority
  • Client contractor VVB Engineering Services
  • Main consultant Atkins & Mott Macdonald
  • Year of completion 2015
  • Sector Transportation - Airports
Project Description

The project involves the refurbishment of the main airport road tunnel and cargo tunnel at Heathrow. This entailed the replacement of most of the mechanical and electrical systems

Scope of Work

After the successful completion and delivery of the detailed design, PBE was awarded the contract for the supply, testing and commissioning of the radio communication equipment, public and domestics radio re-broadcast equipment, with emergency voice break in, GSM and PCN mobile phone re-broadcast, radiating cable and distributed antenna system.