Operationally focused industrial investment group with a passion for building excellent businesses.

PBE Group consists of three separate but synergistic industrial manufacturing and value-added distribution businesses serving end markets such as infrastructure, mining, and construction. The group seeks to drive long-term shareholder value through selective value-oriented investments in the three key platform businesses, as well as other opportunistic value-accretive investment opportunities outside of these.

Our Approach

Long-term Value Orientation

Our approach to investing in our businesses is ultimately to drive long-term shareholder value. Through opportunistic larger acquisitions, growth acquisitions for our current businesses, and organic growth investments, we look to create value for our shareholder-partners and build quality businesses in the process. Through our journey, we now have three quality businesses each possessing unique long-term prospects and exciting opportunities for further investment and growth - through these, and further acquisitions beyond these, we expect to afford our shareholders with excellent long-term returns on the capital that they have entrusted us with.

Disciplined Allocation of Capital

We are willing to invest heavily in opportunities that make sense, but are disciplined and intellectually robust with evaluating those opportunities. We believe that efficiency and discipline are a necessary component of long-term business value and therefore our approach reflects this.

Operational Focus

We believe that true long-term value in business is the result of high-quality operations forming the basis for long-term competitive advantage and growth. We do not look to generate returns through business disposals. As such, we are operationally minded investors, looking to build quality businesses, with market-leading competitive positions. We are wiling to invest for the long-term in organic growth initiatives, as well as accretive acquisitions - each shaped by driving the ultimate operating success of the businesses and leveraging synergy across each of our businesses to drive value.