Underground Mining Flameproof Substation

Custom Design Flameproof Substations Designed and Built by PBE

The PBE Underground Mining Flameproof Substation was designed and built in Australia and compliant to all local standards. These standards are in line with global standards. The units are constructed to the customers specifications. These substations are fully supported by our service teams with an overall service available.

  • Designed and manufactured at PBE to customer requirements with various enclosures configurations and sizes available
  • Available in all supply voltages up to 11kV with 800A bolted adaptors
  • Interlocked high voltage earth switch
  • Individual circuit breaker protection of each outlet
  • Option for mechanical interlocking between the circuit breaker and the receptacle for each outlet
  • Modular designed mounting pans for ease of overhaul and maintenance
  • Fully compliant to relevant Australian Standards including AS/NZS4871 & MDG40, globally recognized
  • Additional viewing windows for internal inspection and viewing protection modules
  • Increased operator and diagnostic displays and controls
  • Motorised control circuit breakers viewable and resettable from outside of the enclosure
  • Supplied with galvanized skid for ease of transport with options for solid wheels or crawler tracks
  • Enclosures consist of separate isolator and control compartments to meet the requirements of AS/NZS4871
  • Provide safer isolation points on the machine for electrical and mechanical personnel during maintenance and breakdowns

For more information about PBE Underground Mining Flameproof Substations

Flameproof Substation Specification Sheet
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